Open (Left) vs Closed (Right)

This question is asked often as customers try to decide which foam insulation will work best in their business. They want to know how the two compare before they finalize this decision to ensure they are making the right choice. The following discusses the main differences between the two insulation foams…


The difference is in the bubbles. You read that right– bubbles. Spray foam consists of a bunch of small cells (or bubbles) that make up the foam material. Open-cell spray foams have cells that remain open. This makes the foam soft and flexible. Closed-cell foams have cells that close and press firmly together upon installation. As a result, the foam becomes stiff. The density between the two differs– open-cell foam, with all its bubbles, is the less dense of the two. Generally, the density of closed-cell foam is around 1.75 pounds per cubic foot whereas the density of an open cell foam is about half a pound per cubic foot.


The amount of expansion after application between open and closed-cell foams varies. An open-cell foam will expand far more than a closed-cell foam; around an inch for closed and up to three inches for open. What will this mean for your establishment? It means that each form of spray foam insulation has its own unique properties. We can help you determine which will be best for your business or home and where foam insulation can be applied.

Choosing The Right Insulation For Your Business or Home

Determining which insulation will be best for your business or home depends on several factors. When you choose to work with our team at Cincinnati Retrofoam, we will go over those with you as we discuss the specifics of your space.
Key factors to be considered: 
  • The location of the commercial structure
  • The dimensions of crawl spaces, particularly those under your roof deck.
Cost is another thing clients need to take into account. Open-cell foams are typically more cost efficient than closed-cell foams. Ask yourself what purpose is the foam insulation serving? Open-cell foams are great noise barriers and are ideal for soundproofing. It also will expand, allowing it to fill the spaces it is applied to entirely– this does not always happen with closed-cell foams. When it comes down to it, many commercial buildings will need a combination of the two foams. Spray foam insulation is perfect for all commercial structures. Our foam insulation will help to minimize heat flow and improve air barriers. Our materials, including both open and closed-cell insulation foams.

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